Q: Your competitors do not charge a consultation fee. Why do you?
We employ a structured detail-oriented approach to our consultation, application and visa processing, ensuring we add value each step of the way. It is not by chance that we have recently been awarded a 100% visa acceptance award by one of our partner universities.
The application deposit you pay goes towards meeting the administrative costs relating to your application, ensuring quality of service, and is deductible from your application processing fee.

Q: Do you get your transcripts from my school, on my behalf?
No, you will be required to get this from your school

Q: What costs do I need to consider when travelling abroad?

  • flights
  • visa
  • accommodation
  • tuition
  • books
  • travel back to home country (if this applied)
  • day to day expenses (groceries, eating out, toiletries, transport)
  • incidental expenses

Q: What exactly is it that you’re doing for me? What value do you add?

At the start of the process, we provide quality counselling using our expertise to guide you to the best choice of institution and location. Once we have agreed, we hand in an application on your behalf, and liaise with our partner schools to fast track your admission.
We prepare a visa application on your behalf using our experience to ensure it is accepted first time. We will even work with you to prepare for your visa interview if you will be having one.
We ensure any documentation is transported with secure and trusted courier service providers and once you have obtained your visa, we work with your chosen school to ensure you have accommodation choice that meets your taste, and a befitting welcome.
A truly comprehensive service.

Q: What do you NOT do?

We do not process visa applications for purposes, other than to study abroad.