Since 2001, DAC has been focused on bringing to Nigeria the standards of education that is commonplace in many developed countries in the most innovative ways. We are on a mission to promote excellence as the standard of education of Nigeria’s human capital.

For many of our partner institutions, we are the premier indigenous recruitment agent in Africa. The strength of our brand, combined the service we provide continues to set us apart. Many people we have worked with refer family and friends to us.

We’ve worked with hundreds of families over the years to achieve educational and scholarship goals. We are excited to work with you too.

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Why is our work so important?

Nigeria’s youth unemployment rate currently is steadily increasing quarter on quarter and is currently a staggering 14.2%. (according to most recent figures published by National Bureau of Statistics). Youth unemployment is 52.65% according to figures quoted early 2018 by NBS.

Nigeria’s labour force needs to have unique and well-developed skills to remain competitive in today’s labour market, and many multinationals still invest heavily in hiring from prestigious universities abroad, showcasing the importance of world-class education.

Recruiting students to get this education has been our traditional approach to solve this issue. We are also working on alternative ways to keep the human capital market competitive.